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Namn: Al Pitcher

Född: Are You trying to break into my bank account?

Skola & Utbildning:  Bad, I was asked to leave school. I learned from the school of life.

Scendebut:  I played a tree when I was 4. I don´t think they wanted me in the show, so they let me stand in the background holding 2 green leaves with my arms out. I was very good forestry.

Debut som ståupp komiker:  I went to do a 5-minute spot in London. I had never done standup. The show was at 8 pm, I turned up at 4 pm, I was so nervous. I got no laughs, until Inearly tripped up and fell of the stage. I got one laugh and felt like a million kronas. I had made someone laugh!

Favoritkomiker: Eddie Izzard and Phil Kay.

Favoritpublik: Honestly, I´m loving doing shows in Sweden. I really think we connect and audiences seem to laugh loads, so that makes a great job even better!

Favoritämne / Pratar helst om:  I love to interact, I love to find out what the audience think. I try not to prepare any set list but I like the things in my head to just pop out. The best shows are the ones that are of the moment.  


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